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It's about "CHANGING LIVES" by"ENCOURAGING", "TEACHING" and "INSPIRING" our members to reach their full potential.....simply Incredible!!!  Join Ryan and other McKay's Mill Residents on the "Dare to live fit" team today......


"Ryan has been an amazing trainer for me these past few months. He has tailored fun, challenging and  effective workouts that vary each
session so gym time is good time. I feel incredible!  He has inspired me to be more connected physically, mentally and spiritually than I've ever been! He has endless positive energy and an abundance for living it well!"

Paul Umbach - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


My motto is you can let life happen to you or you can happen to life. Somehow I had slipped to the wrong end of the spectrum - life was walking all over me! Fortunately I met Ryan Nicholson. Immediately I knew he was one of those encouraging,  you-can-do-it kind of people. Ryans enthusiasm is contagious. He clearly cares for the health and well being of his clients - he wants the best health possible for each person he works with. He listened to my goals for fitness and life balance - then he made a plan for me. Two days a week Ryan encourages, pushes and challenges me to reach my goals. During our sessions I work hard and feel great! Even my family sees a difference since Ive been working with Ryan. My energy level is higher, my outlook on life is brighter, and I am more optimistic. In short, Im way more fun to be around!   Im feeling great, getting healthy, and best of all Im happening to life again! Thanks Ryan - you are fantastic! ~

Delores Carter, Franklin TN (McKays Mill)


I have worked with a few personal trainers in the past few years and I am glad that I finally signed up with Ryan as he's the best trainer I've had Ryan is very sincere, committed and pragmatic in his approach. If you want to get on a disciplined fitness regime, look no further! 


He starts with a well rounded assessment, takes time to understand your lifestyle, exercise preferences, history with exercise, injuries, diet etc. He then tailors a holistic fitness and wellness plan incorporating both exercise and nutrition. He also has an excellent website that tracks your initial assessment with a comprehensive diary of workouts and periodic progress. 


His approach is not hyperbole and he gradually pushes you, while ensuring safety and postural correctness. Within a short span of time, I'm able to lift almost triple the weights than I lifted during my initial sessions and my energy levels are great! On the nutrition side, he gives excellent tips and once again, his approach is not extreme, allowing you to balance your nutrition plan around your lifestyle and meal preferences. The other plans are mostly binary, bordering on deprivation! 


He is well organized, never misses a session, does not cut corners and is extremely reliable, which is not something I have not come across in my experience working with personal trainers for over 15 years!


I'm glad that Ryan is my personal trainer and wish him continued success!




 Franklin, TN

(McKay's Mill)


I'm writing this as a cancer survivor.  Seven months ago I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that had already spread to various parts of my body and to my brain.  I had radiation for the cancer in the brain and for the past five months Ive taken a daily cancer pill.  The effects of the cancer, the radiation and drugs left me weak and off balance.  I even had to walk with a cane for a while.   Twice a week for the past 3 ½ months, Ryan has been working with me on balance, strength and endurance.  During this time, Ive not only improved my overall fitness, but also my balance while walking and going up and down stairs has gotten lots better.  No more cane.  I can now walk as far and as long as I could before the cancer diagnosis.  Its great to be able to take walks with my wife again and help my daughter move into her college dorm.

Ryan has definitely helped me get to this point.   He tailored a plan for me to slowly regain my strength, balance, and endurance.  Then he patiently and positively guided me; cheering me on along the way.  Id definitely recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone looking to improve their life whether they have cancer or not.

Art Litchfield - Frankin,TN (McKay's Mill)

We love and miss you Art - Ryan & Heather


I am so glad to have Ryan as a trainer. He is a wonderful motivator and pushes me to my best every session. I'm starting to see results and I feel so much better than I used to. This has definitely been one of the best decisions I've made this year. Thanks, Ryan!  

Lisa Murray (McKays Mill)


Ryan is simply AMAZING! I was looking for someone that could help me take my workouts to another level. The challenge was that I needed someone that was knowledgeable enough to know what I could, and could not, do because of previous multiple body trauma. Ryan is not only very knowledgeable, caring and fun- Ryan goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with his services! I recommend Ryan to anyone of any age looking to get FIT FOR LIFE! 

Michelle Crews - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


Ryan, your workout sessions are just amazing.  They are effective, just right with incredible results.  I actually look forward to working out.  My energy level has skyrocketed.  I am so glad I made the decision to start.  No theres no stopping. Thank you and see you next session. 

Cheers, Olu (McKay's Mill)


I played high school football and have lifted weights off and on my whole life.
Therefore I thought I knew enough to "get by".  Five months ago I injured my knee running on a treadmill. I was unable to walk up and down stairs for a week and it scared me. I didn't realize my knee was so weak. Although I am 52 years old I knew I was much too young to be having knee problems.

I have worked with Ryan for a little over 90 days and this week I amazed my 19 year old son by beating him in pushups and bench press. Ryan personalized a program for me that has helped to rebuild my knee. My best mile so far is 10:15 but 5 months ago I couldn't walk. I'm confident that I will be able to completely rebuild my knee and I am already as strong in my upper body as I have ever been in my life.

Ryan possesses three qualities that you rarely find in a person in any field - knowledge, motivation, and real care for people. I have known many personal trainers and coaches and never have I found these levels so pronounced in anyone. Ryan has become a friend - and there isn't much I wouldn't do for him. If you don't want to just "get by" I strongly recommend that you allow Ryan to help you. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Keith Akers  -Franklin,TN  (McKay's Mill)


I started running 3 years ago and have set goals over time to increase my distance running. In order to reach my goals, I knew it was essential to build my core strength. The training program Ryan developed for me has helped me become a better runner. I have seen positive results not only physically, but my stamina is strong during longer distance runs as well as my running pace has increased. Ryan is a great motivator and definitely supports his clients in achieving their goals!

Ashely Perkins - Franklin, TN
(McKay's Mill)


Ryan provides the motivation, the understanding, and the complete knowledge of the body and mind to change your life.


Ryan’s dedication and passion for what he does is unmatched.


Ryan takes a unique wholistic approach to every individual through exercise,  diet and motivation to change the way you look and feel.  Current weight loss is 41 lbs.


David Kenyon - Frankin, TN

(McKay's Mill)


It is 2013 and time to make New Years Resolutions.  Well mine began in December with Ryan.  As a 63 year old (senior citizen by many) with two hip replacements I realized I needed to get healthy.  Though active, am overweight and arthritic.  It was time to start taking care of my body and soul so that I can remain active (play lots of golf) and generally feel good about myself.   So into the Mckays Mill gym I went with Ryan, the trainer and he is terrific. 

A workout that is extremely effective but also geared to all ages.  Going to the gym is now not a chore but something I look forward to.  I like the fact that Ryan makes sure he pushes you but at the same time knows your limits.  He is tough but gentle and for a "senior" that is important.  So after a month I am beginning to see some weight loss, losing some inches and am getting support from a trainer that really cares about you as a person and cares about how to get healthy--but on your terms.  A great person to meet, work with, and a person whom is on your side, your terms.   Thanks Ryan for making the start of 2013 hopeful.


Sue Hamman- Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


I have been working out consistently my whole life in group classes and with private trainers. Ryan is without a doubt the very best trainer I have ever had. I started working out in Ryan's boot camp twice a week after having been sick for two months. I was able to recover to my original fitness rapidly and then shoot right past it, being fitter, stronger than I ever have been, working with him twice a week for five months. I have always been a slow runner, but even that has greatly improved and I've picked up speed. My arms have amazing definition and at each workout, I am beating my own personal record. While it was a little challenging at first, I'm addicted to how great I feel and I love the workout.


Ryan never gets complacent. He changes the routine constantly, always making it interesting and challenging.  He knows how to raise a woman's metabolism and get the body to burn fat efficiently. I look forward to seeing what happens the next six months. 

Angela Roberts

Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


McKay's Mill "Julian"

Our Bootcamp is awesome!  Ryan pushes us to the levels to which we aspire.  In the couple of months working with him, I have lost over 3 lbs - but, hey, that included the holiday season of wining and dining. -

Donna Dressler - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


McKay's Mill "Julian"

Our Bootcamp is awesome!  Ryan pushes us to the levels to which we aspire.  In the couple of months working with him, I have lost over 3 lbs - but, hey, that included the holiday season of wining and dining. -

Donna Dressler - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)



Although I have been working out off and on (or so I would like to think), I realized what difference a great trainer can make after I attended Ryan's boot camp. He provides great motivation and is constantly giving you good tips. Another great thing I liked about Ryan is that he is very good at assessing your potential very accurately and tailors the routine to best suit your abilities. In a month, I could see and feel the difference, I found myself going down by more than an inch on my waist. And all of this with no special diet controls, I continued the diet I had before I joined the boot camp. I'm very happy with the results and thankful to Ryan for his great guidance.

Mridu - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


The decision to be more fit in 2013 by working with Ryan was a great one - thanks to Ryan I've been losing weight (down 10 lbs in 3 weeks), been less prone to being out of breath, been feeling muscles I didn't know I had, and feeling more well overall. Ryan's training regimen produces noticeable differences in just a couple weeks.  

Even outside of the gym I'm feeling much more energetic and motivated - a far cry from how sedentary I was until just recently! 


If you need a little push to better yourself, I can't recommend Ryan enough!  


Update: Jordan lost over 80 pounds


Jordan Bridges

Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


In the time I’ve worked with Ryan, it hasn’t always been easy but I can attest to having achieved results under his leadership and guidance.  I’ve lost fat and inches while finding inner and outer strength.  I’ve lost some old habits while finding some new healthier replacements.  I’ve lost some aches/pains while finding some new ones (muscles).   I’ve lost the old me while forming the new me.  I lost my fears to get started and found a friend and confidant in Ryan Nicholson.
Steve Phillips  -  Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)



Did a little speed work today.  Had my best time for this route along with my best pace for mile 1, mile 2, mile 3 and overall for the 3.8 miles.  YEAH!!  And it's thanks to you and the workouts you put this soon to be 61 year old through!!!!! THANK YOU RYAN

Tere Hendricks - Franklin, TN (McKay's Mill)


Ryan has been my trainer for a year now.  He is AMAzzzing!!!  I didn't know my strengths nor my challenges before I met him.  

In the past I had never been consistent with whatever workout I was doing.  He is great at keeping me accountable with what I eat and do.  He makes working out really fun with different activites and challenges.  


My family and friends see a BIG difference in my weight loss especially my parents.  Personally I feel my energy level has increased tremendously which has helped me to better take care of my children.  


Rama (Franklin, TN)

McKay's Mill 



I first came to Ryan last year because I had a desire to get back into the gym to shed a few pounds and improve my cardio workouts. I’ve had trainers off and on in the past and I expected to get the same from Ryan; just a trainer.


However, from day one of meeting him, I was blown away. He is much more than just a trainer! Before even touching a weight, Ryan took the time to sit down with me for at least an hour to go over my physical and mental goals. Ryan tailored a program that fits my needs but also a program that pushes me to my potential. He has provided valuable knowledge on nutrition, like cutting out unnecessary sugars and carbs from my diet. As a result, I am confident with myself and am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach or the pool.


Besides gaining more confidence, Ryan has a way of focusing me in everyday life. He even took the time to prepare self -motivating flash cards for me that I take a look at every morning.


I can tell that I am not the only one who receives this kind of treatment. I’ve met other clients of his and they have nothing but praise for him. This guy is the real deal and has helped me so much in my shaping my confidence and conditioning needs.


Patrick (Franklin, TN)

(YMCA Client)



Although words alone can't express the gratitude I have for Ryan I will try.


When I first met Ryan I was teetering on the brink of having an official diagnosis of diabetes, almost 300 lbs, and being treated for early stages of congestive heart failure.


After 15 months of Ryan's structured approach and heart-felt encouragement I'm down 35 lbs (while also adding muscle), am no longer pre-diabetic, and my heart condition has been reversed!


At 54 years old I'm feeling better both physically and mentally. There is always hope. Never give up. If you're looking for a great partner on your journey to health I highly recommend Ryan.


David (McKay's Mill resident)



It is always a hard decision to consider trying to find a trainer.  However, sometimes you just come to a point that you know you need that extra push and the skills of another person to help you along.  Then the challenge of actually finding someone who you feel that you will be comfortable.  I feel very fortunate and blessed that I found Ryan.  He didn’t rush me into anything but made the time that allowed me to become comfortable.  He also seemed to genuinely care about me and my fitness goals.


I would recommend Ryan to any age individual and no matter what shape they are in.


His kindness has been one of the things that I really needed.  Another thing that I always admire about people is professionalism and a good work ethic.  Ryan displays both of these and more.


He has a good sense of humor and a lot of patience (which he definitely needs with me).


If you are looking for a trainer, you can’t do any better. 


Janet (McKay's Mill resident)



I have been working with Ryan for the past 6 months along with a friend.  If it is not for Ryan’s motivation, I would have never tried to lose weight.  Ryan makes the work out a fine experience and he does it in a way that you want to try harder and harder and at one point the daily work out becomes a part of you like breathing. Ryan not only teaches you the techniques to lose weight but emotionally also he does not let you lose hope and his power of positive persuasion makes you want to try harder to move forward. He is not only a trainer but a good friend to be around.


His Buddy system is a great example of making the work out a social event rather than simply focused on losing weight. Having a buddy helps to cross motivate each other also and makes this a very pleasant experience. Every week end, I and my buddy look forward to spending time together and learning new techniques with Ryan. Thanks Ryan for all you do for us.

Shanthi Govindaraj

Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)



Shout out to McKay’s Mill Trainer. I’m at the 10 month mark since I entered “personal trainer franklin tn” into my search engine. I can’t easily explain how thankful I am that I found Ryan Nicholson! I was not searching for someone to help me lose weight or shrink clothing sizes. I was looking for someone to help me get stronger and more fit, and to give me the tools to age well physically. What I got was that and so much more! Ryan has a real gift for personally connecting to his clients and pushing just the right way to get them to accomplish their goals. I see it in myself and I see it when he is interacting with other clients at our gym. Ryan and Heather are truly committed to living a healthy, positive life and bring that genuine energy to every session. Thank you Ryan and Heather!!!


Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)



I come from a country where carbs is our staple food with other healthy nutritious diet . But we develop the tendency to gain weight ! I used to be very slim but  I developed hypothyroid which made me gain considerable weight and eventually affected my physical and mental peace . I felt too tired and had mood swings! 


I have never done personal training until 6 months back when I was introduced to Ryan through another client of his and friend of mine.  I had my inhibitions to do it but with Ryan's support and motivation I ventured into my days of training !

My doubts of whether I will be able to do it vanished within the first week of my sessions with Ryan . He developed not only my physical stamina but my mental strength too . I felt more positive , alive , and energetic ! My body felt and feels terrific and fit. ! My mood swings got lessened due to exercise and my thyroid is getting better !  I am seeing so many changes in me and receive compliments wherever I go!  I am still in the training sessions which is getting better each day with Ryan!

Looking at the changes in me, my husband joined too.  He is showing such fast developments and changes in losing weight with his training session with Ryan !

Talking about Ryan , he is one trainer who not only motivates and pushes you without even one realising it . He is just not a trainer but a very good friend and a human being too .

I feel blessed to have someone like Ryan to guide me to good health and living ! Thanks a bunch Ryan !!

Kavitha Saravanan - Franklin, TN



My name is Jayasudha .  When I decided to finally change my life and get into shape with a weight loss and exercise program. I was looking for a personal trainer. One of my friends told me about Ryan when I mentioned I was impressed by seeing her results. 


From the moment I met Ryan, I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Ryan. I have been challenged and pushed by Ryana nd he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals.


I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients. 


Ryan is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. He deserves the best compliments from me. We plan to be long-term clients, and more importantly, continue to work with Ryan.


Thank you




Jayasudha Nepoleon - Franklin, TN



My husband was working with Ryan and I had no interest in exercising at all.  I was generally happy with my physical shape & condition.  After watching my husband drop 40 lbs though I slowly started to reconsider and once I started going to train with Ryan along side my husband it didn't take long before I was actually enjoying it.   I have not only lost 25 lbs but been able to really focus on toning and reshaping my body.  I am thankful to Ryan for the jumpstart and the continual encouragement he provides when I see him in the gym and community.  What a blessing he is.

Amy Phillips  -  Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)



Thanks to you I started liking my body shape.  Thank you so much Ryan !!!

Michiko -  Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)



We love this guy, great fitness coach, sometimes a life coach too:) He always gives his best and is very committed. He keeps us on track and we are pleased with the results. We totally recommend him to all our friends!

Nicky & Dia -  

Franklin, TN  (McKays Mill)


What's holding you back.....?

Ready to reach your potential...??

Go ahead.......Dare to live fit...........

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