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Family Fitness Adventures

Family Fitness Adventures with Ryan Nicholson ACSM Nationally Certified Personal Trainer near me  McKays Mill Trainer Serving

Grab your family and head out on a family fun adventure.  



1. Pick your challenge below  

2. Scroll through the images for "SECTION" you choose (click image to show full scale)

3. Find all locations (in any order)

4. Start timer at the first location you find

5. Take a family selfie photo at each location

6. Stop timer at the last location

7. Let us know your time

8. Challenge a neighbor (share this page) 

9. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!  

More family challenges coming soon! 


Stay safe & blessed.

Love & Weights,

Ryan & Heather

Waverly Challenge

(8 Locations)

Family Time to beat: 29:41

Individual Time to beat: 25:32

Broadgate Challenge

(10 Locations)

Towne Park Challenge

(9 Locations)

Charleston Challenge

(8 Locations)

Alexandria Challenge

(10 Locations)

Providence Challenge

(9 Locations)

Hudson Challenge

(10 Locations)

Pemberton Heights Challenge

(9 Locations)

Taramore Challenge

(10 Locations)

Smith Park Challenge

(26 Locations)

Kids Scavenger 
Nature Walk #1

Kids Scavenger 
Nature Walk #2

Kids Scavenger 
Nature Walk #3

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