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Self Starter

Like to workout by yourself but end up in the gym confused about what exercises to do? Have questions on how to perform the exercises properly? How many sets and reps are needed to achieve maximal results.  Have you had the same Fitness ritual for years?  Aren't getting the results you want?  Let Ryan help lay out a game plan.  We have options for every budget.

After your ASSESSMENT, Ryan will customize an efficient workout plan in cycles just as he does his (one-on-one) clients, to help you reach your FITNESS goals.  By doing this, you ensure proper muscle confusion and increased results in endurance, strenth and hypertrophy.  It also eliminates the "monotony" from doing the same workout everyday year after year.  The body adapts to routine and needs "Progressive Overload".  Ryan will meet with you for a "60" minute session each time a new "cycle workout" is created, and review the order of the workout, correct technique, time and tempo for each exercise.  You'll be provided with workout cards and set free. If you get stuck and need an accountability partner however, Ryan would be happy to talk with you about one-on-one training.  Out of state? Skype sessions are also available to ensure accountability.

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